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    We will celebrate our 20th anniversary in 2024

    Luxury, lifestyle and indulgence on the glamour island of Ibiza

    20 years ago, on what was then known as Rolex Beach, Coco Beach Ibiza was one of the first beach clubs to open at the end of Playa d’en Bossa. It all started with a wine list that was already large for the time and has since grown to a remarkable 200 wines, delighting every wine connoisseur. The Mediterranean menu has become more international over the years, but has always met the high demands of the upscale clientele with consistent quality.

    The restaurant’s attentive service staff and the club’s beach boys read their guests’ every wish from their lips and serve culinary highlights that the kitchen crew conjure up freshly and with love on the plate. The perfect place to enjoy life with family or friends over a cool, sparkling glass of champagne. VIPs also love the place-to-be and enjoy the Ibiza feeling at the famous Coco Beach.

    VIP service, events & lifestyle management: Time is a luxury, which is why the Coco Beach Concierge Service, as a full-service agency and in addition to the beach club, offers all the services for an all-round carefree vacation. Customers can relax and enjoy their holiday from the very first minute, as the concierge arranges everything according to their wishes.

    20 years of Coco Beach Ibiza, a reason to celebrate! In the anniversary year, guests can look forward to exclusive events, anniversary specials and a competition. The season kicks off on March 28, the Easter weekend, when the first white asparagus can be enjoyed in mild temperatures with a view of the sea. True to the motto “Life is better at the beach”.

    (from 01.04.2024)

    Dear friends and guests,


    Lovers enthusiastically call it ‘Paradise Beach’ and for the international clientele, the romantic stretch of beach at the exit of the fine sandy Playa d’en Bossa, is the first place to go when they land on the small, fine Balearic island. We’re talking about Ibiza’s legendary beach hotspot Coco Beach Ibiza – an exclusive beach club with a fine dining restaurant, exquisite wine list, and a beach section with excellent service.

    Ibiza’s sun-seekers tan on oversized comfortable loungers, sip exotic cocktails, order their food directly to their loungers and chill all day to the sounds of Coco Beach Ibiza’s internationally renowned DJs.

    If you are looking for the proverbial “lightness of being”, you have come to the perfect place. Our beach club has a dream location, offers luxury culinary delights and a service that leaves nothing to be desired. We combine fine dining and casual Ibiza ambience in perfection.

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    Enjoy our famous TAPAS MENU


    Enjoy our exclusive tapas menu at Coco Beach Club Ibiza overlooking the gorgeous turquoise sea and white sandy beach. We will spoil you with small gourmet creations according to your gusto – delicious, whether classic or exclusively served with caviar, oysters and a Black Angus steak.

    Tip: The tapas gourmet menu, which reflects the entire culinary diversity, is also perfect for celebrations, events and groups. Contact us!

    BEACH – Life is better at the Coco Beach Ibiza

    At COCO BEACH IBIZA, you will experience a beach life at it’s best.
    The attentive beach boys of the club read their guests’ wishes from their lips and serve culinary highlights that the kitchen crew brings up fresh and with love on the plate.

    The perfect place to simply sit back and enjoy life with family or friends over a cool, sparkling glass of champagne.

    RESTAURANT - Luxury gastronomy at Coco Beach Ibiza

    Gourmet Food at its best!

    Enjoy your meal with us in our Beach Restaurant in Ibiza. Our large, bright terrace with a view of the beautiful blue sea and the fine sandy beach, offers you the suitable ambience for wonderful hours!

    Our gourmet restaurant serves first-class fine-dining delights, such as fresh seafood, caviar, and other delicate dishes. These are paired with wines from our exclusive beverage list.

    Your fine dining experience is rounded off by our always attentive, friendly service, because we place the highest value on making your time at Coco Beach Club Ibiza unforgettable!

    EVENTS - Your Beach Club in Ibiza

    When there’s something to celebrate – whether it’s just life or another important event – the right location is crucial for a successful day or evening.

    In Ibiza’s Coco Beach Club you are in perfect hands. Whether you want to celebrate your birthday in a small or large circle with an exclusive gourmet menu or if you want to perfectly stage a corporate event or an incentive dinner, the Coco Beach Ibiza team will fulfill all your wishes.

    Also feel free to check back here to not miss our upcoming events! 


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    Tel. +34 663 99 30 71

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    A beach club is a type of beach bar that is often designed as a mix of restaurant, lounge and club. This type of establishment is usually located directly on or near the beach and offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to eat, drink, sunbathe, swim and party. The Coco Beach Club in Ibiza, with its elegant ambience, allows the ideal meeting place to enjoy the island life.

    Coco Beach Club in Ibiza is a popular venue for a variety of events, especially in the summer: from private events such as birthdays, corporate parties or even weddings, to our popular parties and music events! It should be noted, however, that the range of events may vary depending on the season and year. It is therefore advisable to check the club’s current calendar of events to ensure that the desired event will currently take place.

    Coco Beach Club is located in the southwest of Ibiza, in San José. There the club is located
    directly on the beach of Playa d’en Bossa and is easy to reach by car, taxi or public transport. The exact address: Playa d’en Bossa, 07817 San José, Illes Balears.